Chasing Light

With each new season comes new opportunities to connect, new ways to find moments of escapism. As the days draw in and dawn light inches closer and closer, greeting the day becomes easier than ever.

We watch Autumn hues burn the sky, the pursuit of these vistas worth it every time. For those that hear the call, this is the time of chasing light.

Photos by Toby Butler

Man looks towards the rising sun with retro super35 camera. Campfire burns infront of him.
Outside the window, the sun rises over the ocean.
Man sits in his van at sunrise preparing his camera.

The rising sun casts light over familiar places with a newness, we see places close to home with a stillness and fresh perspectives. Capturing this glow through a lens is an art in itself, but it’s the pursuit that offers the greatest rewards.

There’s a stillness here, time moves a little slower and simple things are all we need. A flask of steaming brew, camera in hand and some hearty refreshments to see us through.

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A hazy glowing autumnal view over mountain ridges.
A camera sits inside a Passenger Packing Cube
A woman walks along the coastal rocks looking out at the sunrise

The ocean stirs and cold fronts build over the horizon, days of hunkering down ahead are welcome. But for now, as the mild Autumnal day unfolds and the fresh morning air lifts, we shed some trusty layers and pack away everything but the essentials.

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A hazy morning view over mountains, waves and trees.

Whatever lies ahead for the rest of the day, it’s already a day well spent. For adventures on our doorstep, not much beats the simplicity of chasing light.

Man stands on his longboard riding over the incoming surf swell.
Man uses Passenger E-Tip gloves to touch the screen on his camera.
Women enjoys a coffee brewed up on an Anevay Stove on the beach.