Inspired by Travel, Music & Salt Water.

The Escapism Series where we share inspiring stories and adventures about people who are traveling around the globe comes from Mark Clinton. Professional photographer in Australia.

How did you get into photography and then into the Adventure and travel photography?
It started when I would use an old point and shoot camera to capture friends surfing around home. This soon grew into following some of the more experienced surfers both up and down the east coast of Australia documenting the lifestyle of the trip and the rest is history!

Where did you grow up and where are you currently living?
Home for me is just near Manly on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia and has been for my entire life. It’s commonly overlooked by its bigger brother Bondi but Manly and it’s surroundings is a hub for creatives ranging from talented musicians to a broad range of artists and photographers.

What inspires you?
As cliche as it sounds it's the daily life that keeps me inspired. The Northern beaches in itself is full of natural beauty in addition to other creatives bouncing ideas off each other.

What does a routine month roughly consist of for you?
With my current line of work it varies from week to week, even the day to day and an overseas/interstate job can pop up only weeks prior to departing. The summertime is partially spent shooting weddings and spending time around the beach while during winter I’m often found overseas on more personal trips.

What is your most memorable adventure?
My first trip to New Zealand in September 2013 truly had me captivated from day one. The short 7 day stint on the south island had no shortage of mountains, lakes and forests which all heavily influenced my current outlook when I shoot.

What trips are you planning to embark on the very near future?
I've just had a short 5 day break at home after spending 2 months in Europe, my next trip is travelling interstate around Australia, New Zealand and off to Dubai. Busy times ahead!

Tell us a little more about your 2 months in Europe.
Europe being a personal trip for me was a great wind down to what was a busy start to 2014. Instead of trying to visit as many places as I could like my 2012 trip, my close friend Mark and I decided to spend longer periods of time in only a handful of places. We began by spending a month travelling the UK spending time with close family and friends and making new ones too. We then flew to both Norway and Iceland where we spent the better part of 10 days exploring the coast and mountain ranges.

A personal highlight would have to be a particular hike in Iceland named the Laugavegur trail. The 52km hike is full of different hue’s but most notably the neon greens which are contrasted against the black volcanic ash. The days spent with my mind wandering let me detach from the everyday and ultimately let me think about future choices.

  • Mark Clinton, first trip of the year was to Tasmania.
  • Mark Clinton, second trip to New Zealand in Early June this year was my first experience in freezing cold water
  • Mark Clinton, The first big swell of the year.
  • Mark Clinton, Mt Aspiring National Park, New Zealand as seen from the helicopter.
  • Mark Clinton, Glencoe in the highlands of Scotland won me over in the first 5 minutes.
  • Mark Clinton, The tessellated rocks at the giants causeway in Antrim, Northern Ireland.
  • Mark Clinton, The majority of our time spent in Iceland was cold and raining which although was frustrating at the best of times crafted some pretty dramatic scenes.
  • Mark Clinton, Mark Brenchly, a good friend and my travel partner for our two month tour of Europe.