Passenger Clothing would like welcome Mike McCarthy to the family.

Mike McCarthy is a unique Australian singer / songwriter and music producer. Threading together elements of dirt box blues with open-sea folk, McCarthy’s music captures a sense of journey. Sometimes visceral, sometimes soothing. Always heartfelt. His own journey has seen him perform around the world including tours across Australia, Japan, the UK and USA.

McCarthy’s music has also featured on much loved surf films such as "Stoked & Broke", "Seaworthy", "Lines from a Poem" and "Alaska Sessions." The songs mirroring the power of the ocean and the beauty of the surfer's craft.

Over the last ten years Mike has recorded five albums and a live EP, and supported many influential musicians such as Mia Dyson, Tex Perkins, Sarah Blasko and Jeff Lang. Acclaimed blues guitarist, Eric Bibb, was quoted as saying “Mike and I are one in the same tribe”. He is an acclaimed musician yet also has something deeper to say. Life, love, ups and downs. Stories about always seeing a way through.

Due for release in October 2012 is McCarthy's latest work THE LION'S SHARE. Recorded between December 2010 and March 2012 THE LION'S SHARE shows McCarthy stripping things back lyrically but at the same time expanding his sense of adventure sonically.

"After years of touring and recording I felt the need to push things in a new direction. Time was taken to craft the songs as well as to explore the sounds that would bring them to life."

"I was fortunate to work with a range of talented musicians/engineers who really understood what I wanted to achieve. Miles Thomas at Paradise, Syd Green at Mononest and Jeff McCormack at The Music Cellar all contributed in ways which have helped create an album I'm extremely proud of."

Mike tours with his multi-instrumentalist wife Sophie. The two have a unique connection musically and this translates to an engaging live show!