Inspired by Travel, Music & Salt Water.

Passenger Clothing would like welcome Nathan Tummon to the family.

Nathan is a shaper and surfer from Cornwall in the U.K. Nathan can usually be found surfing oddly shaped and designed boards on waves that are not meant to be ridden around the Cornish the coast. Nathan has always surfed, he has grown up in an inspiring location with views and beautiful countryside and with a 5 minute walk through a picturesque golf course and cliff drop to the infamous Booby’s bay.

Nathan has travelled and surfed around Europe and even scored some seriously big waves on the North Shore of Hawaii, we are happy to say he is still here to tell the story. When Nathan is not surfing he can be found shaping boards for his brand NT surfboards. Nathan shapes his boards at the Toy factory in Cornwall, he makes all types of boards, from retro twin fins, diamond noses, thrusters, alaia’s, single fins and anything in between.