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Passenger Clothing would like to welcome singer, songwriter and producer Niklas Kramer and the band Still Parade to the family.

Niklas Kramer from Still Parade

Still Parade's music is epic, powerful and hauntingly beautiful its music that makes your mind wander. Their four-track EP has been a sound track to many of our road trips and some important celebrations in the last year. These guys have been a big inspiration to us, we are so excited to welcome them to the Passenger family and look forward to seeing their continued success this year.
Niklas Kramer from Still Parade

Still Parade was launched in Summer 2013 when Berlin-based songwriter and producer Niklas Kramer uploaded his debut track 'Actors' to Soundcloud without revealing any background information on the project. The song instantly went viral and made it into the top ten on Hype Machine after overwhelming blog support from all over the world. This initial success encouraged Niklas to release a four-track EP (‘Fields’) in Spring 2014. Each song from the record continued to receive widespread international recognition. Even though small pieces of information on the enigmatic character behind Still Parade were slowly leaking, Niklas still managed to maintain a beguiling mystery around his persona - not as a marketing stunt, more as an assertion of letting the music speak for itself.

The band Still Parade

On stage he is accompanied by three multi-instrumentalists to make up a four-piece unit. In the first year of their existence they played The Great Escape, Reeperbahnfestival, Berlin Festival as well as other headline shows throughout Europe (London, Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna). Niklas is currently working on Still Parade’s debut-album, focussing adeptly on coupling 1980s songwriting styles with 1960s production techniques.

Still Parade performing on stage

You can listen and see some of Still Parade's music videos below, and find out more information on upcoming gigs as well as a free download of their latest track HUNTER by visiting