Inspired by Travel, Music & Salt Water.

The Escapism Series where we share inspiring stories and adventures from people traveling the globe comes from Dave and Emily (the Habituals), they are from the US and currently travelling around America in their camper. It's nearly been a year since they decided to live on the road full time. We caught up with Dave to tell us more about their journey.

Where am I right now?

I am in a strange place. I was born New Jersey and spent the second half of my youth in a suburb outside of Philadelphia. These suburbs were nice and safe and boring as hell. There was not much to do unless you enjoyed shopping or raising a family. I knew from a young age that I didn't want to work and I didn't want a mortgage or to ever pick out a refrigerator or choose what color green I wanted painted on the walls of my bathroom, I didn't want an electricity bill or lawnmower, or any of the innumerable normal suburban things that everyone has. I knew this type of life wouldn't work for me, but it seemed to be my undeniable destiny determined by the society I was born into.

I was lucky enough that my best friend from high school happened to be a beautiful girl with similar opinions on how life should be lived and after we graduated high school we became an inseparable unit of love and combined had an unwavering lust for life. We lived with our parents, worked crappy low paying jobs and hussled, saving every cent to go on surf trips. The more society told us to conform the more we rebelled. We traveled up and down the east coast of North America sleeping in tents by the side of the road and on the beach, surfing from Nova Scotia to the Outer Banks. When we got tired of the fickle Atlantic Ocean and headed for the California coast. Eventually, we decided to live on the road full time. Its been almost a year now on what you could consider one long surf trip. We checked out some national parks along the way, lived in Mexico for a couple of months and now we are recouping, regrouping, and saving pennies in Southern California. So I would say where I am at right now is at the end of a one surf trip, the beginning of another, and right in the middle of one all at the same time.

Emily also has an awesome book out on Van made recipes 'A book for hungry adventure travelers. Simple and inexpensive recipes that can be cooked on a one or two burner stove with limited sources of water and refrigeration.' which you can buy here.

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