Inspired by Travel, Music & Salt Water.

Vance Uribe is a surfer from Encinitas, California. Influenced by the legends he watched surfing at local breaks such as Rob Machado and Ryan Burch, his surfing is styled more for the free-surf traveler than the competitive surfer.Vance, standing at 5’9” tends to ride much smaller shortboards and unorthodox shapes. He prefers boards like his 5’6” quad round-tail and his 5’5” asymmetrical - pushing their limits at local slabs and bigger beach breaks. Though he prefers small boards, he enjoys going a step up when conditions permit, surfing places like 20 foot+ Blacks Beach. From these experiences, Vance hopes of surfing big wave spots like Todos Santos and Pe’ahi (Jaws) someday.

Vance has traveled and surfed plenty in Northern Baja, including most of the California coast. He's also visited Hawaii, surfing the north shore and south shore of Oahu. Ambitious towards traveling, Vance currently has plans to visit Europe, traveling by van for a month to surf along the western coasts. As if Europe wasn't enough, he also plans to visit Iceland for a winter to score some icy waves.