A man hands a woman a can of Brewgooder beer on the beach

Made To Roam IPA: Beer that gives back

Be cool, planet, be cool. A coming together of like-minded people, the Made to Roam IPA is for getting out there, connecting with nature and roaming free. Together with good friends Brewgooder and Justdiggit, this beer helps to cool down the planet by regreening Africa using good old nature-based solutions.

Friends walk through the woods laughing
Friends sit on rocks in the woods laughing and drinking Brewgooder beer

"We knew that a refreshing, forward-thinking beer needed a refreshing and forward-thinking conservation partner which could only mean Justdiggit. The outdoors is for everyone to enjoy and look after, and we hope this collaboration inspires some meaningful escapism.” Samuel Westley, Head of Brand & Marketing at Passenger.


Brewed in the classic Pacific Northwest style, this piney fresh, cool & sessionable IPA smacks of the great outdoors.

The artwork from Aaron at Fried Cactus Studio was inspired by those outdoor playgrounds that mean the most to us. A playful escapism utopia, the scene features moments that matter, in-jokes and nods to Passenger folklore.

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A man holds a can of Brewgooder Made To Roam IPA at the beach
A closeup shot of a can of Brewgooder Made To Roam IPA
Brewgooder beer can artwork by Aaron at Fried Cactus Studio

The Purpose

In partnership with the Brewgooder Foundation and climate impact organisation Justdiggit, every 4-pack of Made To Roam IPA sold will be enabling the regreening of 20 square metres of land across Africa. The project work by Justdiggit will also ensure the restoration of trees and retainment of water sources, helping to protect rural communities that are most at risk to the effects of climate change. Check out their work in action!

The epic impact of Justdiggit's work with Lead Foundation Tanzania to regreen degraded land. 
Passenger and Brewgooder Made To Roam IPA

The People

Brewgooder was awarded B-Corp status way back in 2018, and in 2021 it joined the epic list of ‘Best for the World’ brands, making it officially one of the highest-rated B-Corp brands in the world. Pretty neat… “We always try to collaborate with brands that align with our ethos and are making waves in their own way, and Passenger is an incredibly forward-thinking company that we’ve always greatly admired,” said James Hughes, co-founder of Brewgooder.

Grassroots organisation Justdiggit is tackling climate change by restoring dry land in Africa. “At Justdiggit we’re always looking for shared-value partnerships, working together to create a greener and cooler planet. Together with sustainable brands such as Brewgooder and Passenger, we’re able to continue our re-greening efforts in Africa and drive genuine sustainable change. We’re proud to be a part of the launch of this delicious IPA.” Stuart Taylor, UK Country Director at Justdiggit

Friends laugh together at the beach holding cans of Brewgooder beer
A man crouches by the campfire holding a can of Brewgooder IPA

Here for the good views and cold brews, whilst doing good for this planet we call home, it’s a collaboration we’re super proud of. So round up your mates, grab a 4-pack of Made To Roam IPA from your local Co-op and let the good times roll. 

And don’t forget to tag @passengerclothing, @brewgooder and @justdiggit in your Insta shares… #MadeToRoam.

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