Inspired by Travel, Music & Salt Water.

Passenger About Us


Escapism, a constant desire to get off grid, wander, connect nature and forge lasting friendships with other surfers, adventurers, travellers – our kind of people. These elements have been at the heart of Passenger from the beginning. Many of us look to escape, whether it’s the 9 to 5, cold winters, or our daily routines, even if it’s just for a short adventure or a weekend road trip. For us, it’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey and the memories we make along the way.

Our own journey started on the edge of the New Forest, in an old barn heated by a single wood fire. It was in this sanctuary, close to the waves and the trees, that we started to weave stories of escapism into the fabric of our products. Each design tells a different tale, the smell of a campfire on a beanie or the sweat-stain on a favourite t-shirt. We create all our products with this in mind, hoping that another story will be made with each one. We believe that what you wear reflects who you are, and that’s important to us.

Inspired by our time wandering the remote wilderness of Canada, we set up Waves & Trees – our way of protecting these landscapes by planting a tree for every sale. We’re also inspired by stories of like-minded people and we love sharing them. That ‘oh man, you should have been there,’ feeling every time we tell or read about their experiences. Everything we do is driven by the desire to live a life of memorable adventures – big or small, short or long – and to help others escape and find their own path.


Watch our latest video ADRIFT.

A calling for the Wild is ever constant, the Lure of Adventure is ever present. Sometimes in Life we need to feel we are Adrift.