Made To Roam Reflections 01

Made To Roam Reflections 01

September 2018

We appreciate you taking us along for the ride, every month we reflect on your travels, adventures and escapes in our #madetoroam reflection.

Everything we do is driven by the longing to live a life of memorable adventures - big or small, short or long - to embrace the journey and inspire others to escape and find their own path.

Hearing stories of escapism and adventure from our community gets us buzzing, so stay on the road less travelled and keep on sharing.

If you’d like your snap to be featured in our next reflection, drop us a tag @passengerclothing and use the hashtag #madetoroam.

“for us, escapism is all about just slowing things down for a day or two. We live near a river with a beautiful brook, we can spend hours there just taking in the quiet”

“Waking up in the van somewhere off-grid, get some coffee going and looking over a map to see where we’ll end up, that’s what it’s all about.”


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