New Beginnings, New Fabrics

New Beginnings, New Fabrics

Our latest Re-Roam collection of Tees, Hoods and Sweats is made with a blend of Recycled and Organic cotton. Snug, easy-going layers that hit the sweet spot between day-in day-out durability and forward thinking sustainability.

Hanging out at the cutting edge of sustainable fabrics, this collection leaves the smallest of footprints while being soft enough and tough enough for everyday escapism.

The kinds of layers that stay with us, throw on essentials that wear in not out. For down-days, escapes close to home and all the adventures still to come.

Recycled Cotton - Repurposes existing materials, preventing unnecessary landfill waste.
Organic Cotton - GOTS Approved. Cuts out harmful chemicals and reduces water consumption.
Less Energy - Uses 60% less energy to produce than standard cottons.
Why not just 100% Recycled Cotton?

We challenged ourselves to produce a 100% recycled cotton fabric, but quickly found that the material quality wasn’t up to our standards, not made to roam.

The biggest footprint of any product is the manufacturing process, something we’re passionate about reducing. It doesn’t make environmental sense to make things that don’t last, even if 100% recycled.

After much honing and tweaking we found the balance; Sustainable clothing with no compromise on comfort, durability and quality.

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