Our Boardshorts are rubbish. Literally.

Our Boardshorts are rubbish. Literally.

We’re excited to introduce the RE-ROAM boardshorts range. Developed with an airy, weightless, durable fabric that is super quick drying and features 2-way stretch.

Best yet, each pair is lovingly made from 13 recycled single-use plastic bottles.

As founding partners of The Plastic Project and affiliates of the #2minbeachclean & Surfers Against Sewage, Passenger is focused on reducing single use plastics and cleaning up our oceans. The ultimate aspiration for our new range was to turn single use plastic bottles, the kind that end up floating in the sea or littering beaches and forests, into awesome boardshorts.

“We’re chuffed to bits with the result and the journey we’ve been on with these boardies. They sum up perfectly what we’re striving towards as a brand and a community. It’s hard to believe that they were born from rubbish, literally, but the end result is our best boardshorts ever.” Richard Sutcliffe, Founder, Passenger Clothing

Baja Boardshorts
Sunsett Boardshorts
Hazed Boardshorts
Hazed Boardshorts

The Plastic Project logo

“The Plastic Project are a dedicated group of core photographers, filmmakers and athletes from across the surfing world and the world of adventure. Led by award winning British surf photographer Tim Nunn, they are uniting the outdoor adventure world to lead the charge to educate the world of the damage rubbish is doing to our planet.” Tim Nunn, Founder, The Plastic Project

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“Now is the time stop plastic at source and create a truly circular economy where a product can become another high-quality product time and time again. Every piece of plastic ever made still persists so it makes sense to use the existing resource, in this case, single use plastic bottles, and turn them into a long-lasting, multi-use product. It’s great to see brands such as Passenger utilising an otherwise wasted material to help promote a societal change away from single use plastics and towards a culture of refuse, reduce, and reuse.” David Smith, Science & Policy Manager, Surfers Against Sewage

2 min beach clean logo

“#2minbeachclean are working hard to encourage everyone to pick up litter as part of their everyday life. But it’s only the start. We have to also think about where that plastic will go once we’ve picked it up. Recycling it – and other single use plastic - into products that will go on to live long, useful lives is the very best way. And a pair of shorts you can wear to show your commitment to the ocean? Go for it! Vote with your wallet, feet and boardshorts.” Martin Dorey, Founder, The #2minbeachclean

Man back flipping in to the sea from a tree
Man wearing hazed boardshorts walking along the beach holding a surfboard
Surfer sat in the water

Being a brand rooted in the natural spaces, at our core we’re inspired by getting out there, travelling, seeking escapism and connecting with each other and the wild as much as we can. We’re on a journey with our customers to offer products that become true travel companions; that tee you wore all summer, the backpack that hauled your essentials through thick and thin, the boardshorts that went from land to sea, from coast to coast.

It’s exciting times at Passenger and our Re-Roam boardshorts are just another step forwards on our journey to further reduce environmental impacts as a community and as individuals.

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Hazed Boardshorts

Inspired by watching the lines roll in on those long sunset days. Our Hazed boardies are a go to pair for paddling out and cruising. Classic fixed waist styling and a longer knee length fit.

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Hazed Boardshorts front
Hazed Boardshorts back

Sunsetts Boardshorts

For those sunsets that stay with us. Our elasticated waist hybrid boardies are designed for land and water adventures. Easy wearing, lightweight and quick drying. Perfect for cruisy logging days, trial hikes, wild swimming and all the travel in between.

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Sunsett Boardshorts front
Sunsett Boardshorts back

Baja Boardshorts

The Baja have solid stripes like incoming sets ready to be ridden, get your deck ready and paddle out.

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Baja Boardshorts front
Baja Boardshorts llifestyle

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The Plastic Project
Surfers Against Sewage

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