Pacific Coast Calling - Brandon Haley

Pacific Coast Calling

Friend of Passenger Brandon Haley has called coastlines and mountains of the Pacific NorthWest home since forever. A natural creative, waterman and vanlife dweller, Brandon spends his days embracing all the PNW has to offer.

“It was a crowded day and the waves were weak, but no one was paddling all the way out to the first wave on the point break so I took full advantage. Somehow I caught a weird little barrel off the drop and pulled up the face cross-stepping towards the nose, I definitely ate it trying to nose ride but I’ve never heard so many YEEWs over a wave before...”

Words & Pictures by Brandon Haley

A group of friends sit on the beach at dusk as a perfect wave rolls through
Brandon Haley sits on the bonnet of his 4x4 on a snowy road in the Pacific NorthWest
A surfer performs a stylish cut back of a glassy wave

The Pacific NorthWest is a place close to our hearts at Passenger. An Elysium to those in search of salt water escapism, road trips, powder days and wild open spaces. Coastlines with driftwood scattered empty beaches, alpine mountains deep with snow and seemingly endless days of adventure; more than enough for any one of us.

“Those moments are special, their intimate on a personal level by bringing all your focus and thought into those exact seconds of life, giving you ultimate moments of happiness.”

A twin fin surfboard lays in the sand at sunset as a wave breaks in the background
“Those moments are special, their intimate on a personal level by bringing all your focus and thought into those exact seconds of life, giving you ultimate moments of happiness.”

Brandon Haley

Brandon Haley stands on the side of a road holding his snowboard and a big grin, with a snowy forest scene in the background

There’s a nuance to this place, it’s subtle but always there. The laid back pace is so easy to slip into and those who roam it’s unique coastlines and peaks know they’ll be back, one day at least. Once you’ve gotten soggy toes in the chilly Pacific waters with snow capped mountains ranges on the horizon, you’ll leave with nothing but contentment.

“Growing up around here my dad would take my brother and I spelunking (caving). There’s this timeless saying, originating from the early spelunking community that our dad taught us: “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.” This has been ingrained in my head forever and it’s something I live by every day.”

A 4x4 drives through a snow covered road in a forest.
A man wheelies a motorcross bike while an excited dog gives chase

“I choose to live here because there’s a few things that put me right on top of the world, leaving me absolutely euphorically high on life: When a photo turns out exactly the way I imagined it, catching a long wave with multiple turns and lastly floating silently over fresh powder...”

Brandon Haley

Brandon Haley poses and smiles infront of his 4x4

As swell subsides on the hazy Oregon coast, a pilgrimage East in search of powder days and snowbound escapism begins. A similar wave of sorts, with just as much joy to be had. Mountain tracks lead to freshly powdered trails, swallowtail boards strapped tightly underfoot and a trusty 1991 Rangey Classic stocked full with the apres essentials.

“Last year right before winter hit, a good friend of mine, Nate, continuously hassled me to come “ride the endless white wave”. He was, of course, referring to snowboarding and I immediately fell in love. There really isn't much of a substitute for surfing, but riding powder puts just as big a grin on my face than any wave ever has.

I am by no means an expert in either, but I would say I'm pretty good at having fun, and that’s what it’s all about.”


Brandon Haley stands next to his 4x4 wearing a passenger L/S t-shirt
A 4x4 sits parked on a beach next to a giant piece of drift wood
A campfire grill is cooking away with a roaring fire
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