Green Friday

For Every Order We Plant 5 Trees & Protect Rainforests

The Passenger tradition of Green Friday is here, and this time it feels more important than ever.

For the next 7 days we’ll plant 5 trees and protect areas of rainforest with every order we receive. It's our way of giving back to the places that give so much to us.

To date, we’ve planted more than 85,000 native trees in turf all over the globe and protected over 365 hectares of rainforest.

Every-time we receive an order that’s another 5 trees planted plus more vital rainforest protected.


"It all started while travelling the remote wilds of British Columbia, Canada in the early days of Passenger. As I sat on a driftwood trunk, stoking the fire and drying out after scoring some waves everything felt right. Dense forest behind me, waves ahead I had everything I needed, nothing else mattered. It was in that moment the Waves & Trees initiative was born.

Giving something back, paying respect to the places we play and laying down roots for today and tomorrow is just the start of our journey. No matter where this road takes us, the places we travel or what adventures await. We’ll always find home amongst the waves and trees."


A Sustainable Approach

For all those essential, everyday, every adventure layers that we reach for time after time. Durable, soft, kind to skin and kind to the environment.

Stronger Together

By partnering with like-minded people and organisations we can do far more than we could on our own.