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Men's Swim & All Purpose Shorts

Get ready to roam with Passenger's men's swim and all-purpose shorts. If you're at the beach, enjoying an early morning dip, or simply exploring the outdoors, our collection of men's swim and hybrid shorts is made for a range of experiences.

Adventure-Ready Hybrid Shorts

Join us for exciting journeys, where our shorts are not just clothing but a pass to promising adventures. Our hybrid shorts can go from land to sea, so you're prepared for anything the day brings.


Q: What makes the shorts "all-purpose"?
A: Designed to move with you, our all-purpose shorts and hybrid designs effortlessly transition from swimwear to casual wear, perfect for a swim followed by an evening by the campfire.

Q: How do I choose the right size?
A: It's easy to find your size with our helpful size guide, so your new shorts will be a perfect fit for your next adventure.

Q: Are the shorts quick-drying?
A: Our shorts are made for adventure, and they dry quickly, so you can go from water to land activities comfortably and effortlessly.

Q: How should I take care of my shorts to make them last longer?
A: Keeping your new shorts in good shape is easy with our care guide so that you can enjoy many adventures and stories to come.